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The Effects of Hormones on Weight Loss and Health

More people are concerned about weight loss and fitness today. For good health and to promote wellness, people are watching what they eat. To ensure good health, fitness regimens are also been used. Exercise is not only used to promote good health but also for weight loss. You can reach your ideal weight by getting on a fitness regimen. Sometimes, shedding the extra pounds seems almost impossible. You may be on the right diet and have a great fitness regimen but nothing may be working in your favor. Weight loss can be set back by other factors. Many people are unable to shed off extra pounds as a result of hormonal imbalance. Below are the negative effects of hormones on weight loss and health.

Resistance to weight loss can be very frustrating. It is important to note that many factors affect whether or not you lose weight. You should consider these factors before the blame is cast on your diet and fitness regimen. The medication you are on may cause weight loss resistance. Thyroid and adrenal imbalance also cause this. Hormones tend to be the most common cause of this. Insulin is a very important hormone in our bodies. Basically, it acts as a fat-storage hormone. Eating results in the rise of insulin levels. Signals are sent for some of the food to be stored as fat for use later. High insulin levels can be maintained as a result of this. Obesity can be caused by this.

All foods may raise insulin levels but they don’t do it in the same way. Sugary foods and processed carbs spike insulin levels. When a lot of these foods are consumed, insulin resistance can be triggered. Our bodies need insulin. It ensures that you make the most out of the food consumed. Insulin resistance results in the body being unable to utilize blood sugar as it should. As a result, weight resistance happens. You can also develop type 2 diabetes from this.

Weight loss resistance is not caused by insulin only. Hormones work together. When insulin is not functioning normally, other hormones in the body can also begin to do the same. The regulation of blood sugar is done by insulin and glucagon. Glucagon utilizes blood sugar in the body as insulin stores it. Weight loss results from high glucagon levels and low insulin levels.

If you feel that your weight loss journey is being impeded by hormones, all is not lost. Through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, you can lead a healthier life. Weight loss and health are affected by hormones in these ways.

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