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The Advantages of Screw Conveyors

Use of screw conveyors is one of the most cost effective method that can be used in the transportation of heavy materials. Screw conveyors are particularly found in most companies that deal with heavy equipment and they are used in thousands of applications. They have provided with better mean of bulk material handling solutions. It has been existence for almost thirty years. As compared to other methods used for handling bulky equipment, the screw conveyor provides with more amazing benefits that can be enjoyed in business. This article therefore highlights some of the benefits of using the screw conveyor over the rest of the solutions.

The screw conveyor has a greater variety of material. They are made and designed in a way that they are able to handle many different materials. This allows them to fulfill a lot of different functions in different companies that produce different products. These conveyors have an ability to handle almost anything including the sluggish materials and the fast moving materials as well. The screw conveyors that do not have a center pipe can be used when handling the sluggish semi solids. Some of the most common semi solid materials produced by industries include sludge and some bio solids.

Screw conveyors are also able to provide for flexibility of design. It is easier for someone to engineer a conveyor system which has been equipped with a number of inlet and discharge points. This is important as it allows the bulk materials to be taken to different locations. This is then controlled by the slide gates and valves. The valves are used for the purpose of controlling how the materials flow in and out of your system. It is easier for someone to construct the screw conveyors in a variety of positions. This means that they can be constructed vertically or horizontally, while some even decide to incline them. Enclosing them helps to prevent spillage.

Constructing the screw conveyors in different positions allows the materials to be easily mixed together. Failure to ensure that the conveyor has been constructed in the right position can prevent it from holding the internal pressure something that may result breaking of the internal metals. This may in turn result to spillage of hazardous chemicals or other toxic materials. A screw conveyor that has been constructed in the right way is useful when it comes to breaking up of lumps in a product.

Finding the right screw conveyor is therefore important to your facility. This means that before you have actually decided that you need new screws in your facility you should ensure that you have hired an engineer who will first evaluate the existing infrastructure in order to tell exactly what is required. The engineer may later make a recommendation, and design a custom system that will perfectly fit within the available space. The designs will carry all the properties that are needed for the operations carried out in your facility. In conclusion, choosing to work with the custom solution is always important as compared to the off shelf version.

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