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Factors that can expose a person to mental disorders.

It is very important for everybody to lead a healthy life.There are a number of ways one can keep self health. Among the factors, mental health is considered very critical in keeping yourself in a good health condition. Sometimes people can develop problems that are associated to mental health. Lucky enough, there are many ways of controlling the disorders. Mental disorders are caused by a number of things.

Isolation of members.In any given society some people end up be set aside in many occasions. Living with disability can make one be isolated in some areas.People do not involve such people in critical activities like participation in sports, meetings and education. Loneliness becomes portion of such people when they are isolated because of their disability.This greatly leads to mental health problems.

Bereavement in a community. People that die at times are those that we used to associate with.Some of them really meant a lot during their lifetime.When a person looses a person of much importance and closeness he might end up developing stress that may lead to mental health problems in turn.People who lose their close ones through death should always seek guidance and counseling from experts.

Misuse of the child at early stages. Separation of parents at time may occur leading to children being brought up by a single parent. Parents that divorce expose their children to stress especially in times of trouble. Lack of parental car e is experienced to such children. This ends up leaving the children in agony.

Stigmatization problems. Stigmatization is commonly experienced in people that live with HIV/AIDS. Such people can be left lonely in some areas. They do not access social places in some cases. Their relationship affairs with people decrease because of that. Mental health problems can develop in such a way.

Social class. In a society of people there is always those of high and low class. Basic needs are mostly acquired only by those in high class. Oppression comes in when the high class exploit the poor because they mostly work for them. This easily exposes one to mental health disorders.

Infection by other diseases.Some diseases are very chronic and last long when they find way into human beings. An example of such disease is post traumatic stress and ulcers.

The guidelines mentioned herein will help one reach a possible solution in keeping off from mental health problems. This causes can easily be avoided where necessary. counseling is the most common way of treating mental health disorders.

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