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First, you must know where the best place in your yard is to grow veggies. The site should have enough exposure to sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours each day and easy access to water so the plants would be able to grow healthily.

The best of both worlds would be to do a rough draft of your ideas on paper and then once you think you have a design you like, use a garden design software to draw up a proper plan and give you a 3D view of it.

Before you start applying these principles, it is important to have good idea of the type and style of garden you want to achieve. For inspiration, look at plenty of pictures in magazines or online, making a note of things you like and things you don’t. This will help you to narrow down what you really want in your own garden.

A concrete sidewalk up to your front door is so prosaic! Why not change it into a rock pathway? And add a rock pathway leading to the back of the house as well. For those types of designs, you’ll have to check the building codes in your area – many housing developments restrict the kinds of things you can do to your own yard.

Some of them are sent as a gift, normally in the Mystery Gift box. You can also buy them using coins and they range from the cheapest, the Horse Topiary which costs 100 coins to the most expensive, the Buffalo Topiary which costs 5,500 coins. There are three topiaries that can only be bought with FV cash and they are the sheep (5FV), the Llama (10FV) and the Flamingo Topiary (15FV).