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What are the Advantages of Separation Agreement?

For the married couples getting a divorce is never a solution but in some cases the situation can be resolved with separation agreement which is an alternative that will allow you and your spouse ample time to split the assets in an amicable way. So what are the benefits of the separation agreement? Because the divorce process is an entire stressful time, most couples will opt to have a separation instead. This is because they may have accumulated a lot of wealth together with joint accounts and this could be hard to separate. Needless to say, if one of the party has a hard time letting go, this will derail the divorce and create years of agony especially when small kids are involved. The separation agreement could be beneficial and make more sense as compared to divorcing. The separation agreement is the document outlining you and the spouse obligation to both of you when you are separated. The legal separation means that in the eyes of the law you and your partner are separated and rather than splitting the (property you still have legal obligation to each other. The separation agreement is a protection agreement that is legally abiding and can be overturned if any disputes may arise in both parties. It is up to the couple who are in the separation to strive and make it work since the benefits are flexible as compared to a divorce. If you are unhappy in the marriage you will need to take some time off and reevaluate your marital values and this is where separation could play a significance role.
Legally separation can be sometimes be permanent and this serves as a means to live with each other as you work on whether you want to divorce or give marriage another shot. One party will move out of the home and with an agreement you will have your set of obligations and this will help the couple to remain accountable. There is also some situation where parties are unable to get a divorce. Some could be because of religious beliefs and this conflict may derail the process for the individuals. Most will therefore opt to have a separation agreement instead and this allows both parties to live a happy life without feeling tied down. If you have been married recently and then you find that the marriage is not working, you will not manage to get a divorce, rather a separation is an option as this will give you time to work things out. Since we all know that divorce is stressful and straining, it is heartbreaking and confusing and it signals a huge change especially when there are children involved. There could be ugly legal battles which may include children and to avoid this couple may opt to just separate and get a legal separation document. If you are in a marriage where things have suddenly gone stale, you can look for a divorce lawyer Ontario who will take your through the divorce and separation options.

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